Right of withdrawal.

You have the option to waive your order within 30 days of receipt.

All returns must be sent to:

Deprez Luc

Genemeerstraat 53

3581 Beringen


+32 11 346 830

The possibilities and costs depend on when you want to waive your order.

period 1: from your order confirmation until your payment is received.

  • don't make a payment!!!
  • if you have paid, try to reach us as soon as possible stating that you wish to opt out of your order and please provide your order number. We will intercept your payment and refund the amount in full.
  • Your order will be cancelled at no cost.

period 2: from the receipt of your payment to the preparation of your package (please note this is a maximum of 24 h) You have received an email that your package is being prepared.

  • as long as no request for shipment has been submitted, your package will be refunded in full.
  • If an application for shipping has been made, your package will be refunded with deduction of the costs incurred (packaging €1.00 shipping €4.00)

Period 3: Your package has been sent, you have received an email with tracking code

  • Unfortunately, the package has been shipped. You will receive this within a few days.
  • You can obtain a return ticket by email without obligation at the price of €3.50.
  • Upon arrival, you will paste this return ticket over the address sticker and return your unopened package to Bpost.
  • You will receive a receipt of delivery there.
  • The package arrives at our house, we refunded the amount paid with the deduction of packaging (€1.00) and 2 times shipping (2x€3.50) in your bank account.

Period 4: Your package has arrived, and the goods are not as desired.

  • Within 30 days you can return all or part of your order to Deprez Luc, Genemeerstraat 53, 3581 Beringen, Belgium
  • You can obtain a return ticket by email without obligation at the price of €3.50. You remove the old shipping label and put the new one in its place. You bring the package in at a bpost branch or at a mail point near you, you will receive a receipt.
  • A few days later we receive your package, the items are checked for hygiene and are refunded with deduction of packaging costs (€1.00), shipping (€3.50) and return (€3.50) or a total of €8.00.
  • You can also opt for return via our weekly markets, or purchase a return ticket yourself, €4.50 is deducted for packaging (€1.00) and shipping (€3.50)
  • items washed or in a non-hygienic state are not deterred from being refunded and can be recovered by you at a supplemental cost of €8.00.
  • The refund is made at least 2 working days after receipt of your package in the bank account you used when ordering.